You don't have to book a place to go on any of our walks - just turn up at the designated meeting place!

Please ensure you are appropriately equipped for walking! If you do not have appropriate footwear, or are wearing jeans, the walk leader may refuse to let you join the walk. Before coming on a walk, please read the Before Walking page and our disclaimer. Also check the weather.

Can you lead a walk for our group too? Take a look at our Walk Leader Guidance Notes.


Additional Sunday public transport walks are organised by Manchester Coach Rambles.




Saturday 26th: The Return of the Giant Hogweed (Prestwich - Crumpsall linear)

Tram-based walk 6 miles 50 metres ascent - Leader: Paul S

Description: This is a return to the River Irwell, to marvel at the magnificent Giant Hogweed. This time it will nearly be in flower. We start the walk at Prestwich tram stop, to Prestwich Clough, and Prestwich Forest Park, to enjoy the mid spring greenery. We have a break at Clifton Aqueduct, to admire the mighty River Irwell and the 13 Arches Viaduct. We then follow the River Irwell to Drink Water Park and the highest point at Kersall Moor. Finally, we stroll through Broughton Park and to Crumpsall Tram Station. What to see and hear: Giant Hogweed, Red Campion, Wood Forget-me-not, and hear Blackcaps, Garden Warblers, Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers. Walkers are warned not to touch the Hogweed, especially if it is sunny, since blisters can form on the skin in some people.

Meet Point: No official meet in Manchester, make your way to Prestwich for 12:00. Trams take approximately 15 minutes from Victoria.

Suggested Ticket: Return to Prestwich £4.00. Metrolink Day Ticket £5.40 or Metrolink Weekend Ticket £6.20 if making other journeys that day/weekend.

Walk Start: Prestwich tram stop at 12:00.

Waypoints: Prestwich Clough, Prestwich Forest Park, Clifton Aqueduct, 13 Arches Viaduct, River Irwell, Drinkwater Park, Kersal Moor, Broughton Park.

Return Services: Every 6 minutes to Manchester.

Extra: Northern Rail strike on this day, so if you are planning to use Northern Rail to connect with the tram/ get home afterwards, check that your service will be running. No toilets on the tram, at Walk Start or on the route. Toilets at Piccadilly and Victoria stations if travelling from the city centre. We usually visit a pub close to the station at the end of the walk, and everybody is very welcome to come along. You may want to make a note of the return train times as people return home at different times.


Sunday 27th: Lantern Pike and Kinder lower reaches (New Mills Newtown circular)

Train-based walk 12.5 miles 500 metres ascent - Leader: Martin, joining at Hazel Grove

Description: This is a fairly long walk involving some flat sections, but also some strenuous ascents to Lantern Pike and the Shooting cabin above Hayfield. After walking part of the Sett Valley Trail – the former New Mills to Hayfield railway line, we ascend Lantern Pike, before descending into Hayfield. We then follow the river to Bowden Bridge, where the 'right to roam' began, before starting to climb once more. On reaching Kinder Reservoir, we pick up the Snake Path, and follow it as it ascends past the Shooting Cabin and then descends to Hayfield. Our final section back to New Mills follows the entire Sett Valley Trail, with a possible diversion through Bluebell Wood if there is likely to be good display. Possible bailout at Hayfield where there are local buses.

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 09:45.

Suggested Ticket: Off Peak day return to New Mills Newtown £6.90.

Walk Start: New Mills Newtown station (not New Mills Central) at 10:20.

Waypoints: The Torrs, Sett Valley Trail, Pennine Bridleway, Lantern Pike, Pennine Bridleway, Lower Cliff Farm, River Sett, Calico Field, Hayfield Bus Station, Hayfield village, Bowden Bridge, White Barn, Kinder Reservoir, Snake Path, Kinder Road, Hayfield village, Sett Valley Trail, The Torrs.

Return Services: x:20 or x:21 until 20:20, 21:24, 22:27, 23:23.

Extra: No toilets at Walk Start. Toilets at Hayfield after 5.5 and 9.5 miles. Possible pub stop in Hayfield. We usually visit a pub close to the station at the end of the walk, and everybody is very welcome to come along. You may want to make a note of the return train times as people return home at different times.




Saturday 2nd: Buxton and Miller's Dale (circular)

Train-based walk 14.5 miles 550 metres ascent - Leader: Jude

Description: A full (& fun) day out to the east of Buxton, featuring rolling farmland, dramatic limestone scenery, a section of the Monsal Trail, some industrial heritage, and a large working quarry. It’s mainly undulating terrain, with some steeper short ascents and descents. It will be muddy in places, with some uneven paths, a few stepping stones, and a small bit of clambering over rocks at one point. Do bring plenty of food and water to keep you going over 14 miles, as there are no shops or bail out points on the way round. An interesting and rewarding walk, which we previously did in April 2016.

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 08:47.

Suggested Ticket: Off peak return to Buxton £10.70, or Wayfarer £13 if making other journeys to connect with the train.

Walk Start: Buxton station at 10:00 (Map ref SK059737 / postcode SK17 6AQ)

Waypoints: Buxton High Peak Golf Club, Tunstead Works, Mosley Farm, Miller's Dale, River Wye, Chee Dale, King Sterndale, Cowdale Hall, Staden Farm.

Return Services: 17:00, 17:35, 18:00, 19:00, 20:18, 21:21, 21:59, 22:56.

Extra: Toilets at Walk Start and at Miller's Dale. We usually visit a pub close to the station at the end of the walk, and everybody is very welcome to come along. You may want to make a note of the return train times as people return home at different times.


Saturday 9th: Chinley circular

Train-based walk 9 miles 600 metres ascent - Leader: Alison, meeting at Walk Start

Description: A circular walk from Chinley. We will ascend Chinley Churn (Big Stone rather than the trig point) and South Head.

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 09:49.

Suggested Ticket: Off peak return to Chinley £9.60.

Walk Start: Chinley station at 10:25.

Waypoints: Cracken Edge, Chinley Churn, Peep o Day, South Head, Hull End, White Knowl Farm.

Return Services: x:55 or x:56 until 19:55, 20:51, 21:53, 23:04.

Extra: No toilets at Walk Start or en route.


Saturday 16th: Lyme Park (Disley circular)

Train-based walk 6.5 miles 300 metres ascent - Leader: June & Phil S

Description: A circular route around Lyme Park. From the route start at Disley Station, we move into the Park at Cockhead. We'll proceed to the North Lodge and climb up to the Cage. We'll then pass the house, before proceeding through Knight's Low to ascend to the Bow Stones. We'll continue on the trail to Cock Knoll and Bollinhurst Bridge before following Green Lane back to the station.

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 10:47

Suggested Ticket: Off Peak Return to Disley £6.70 (a Duo for two people travelling together and returning on the same train is £10).

Walk Start: Disley station at 11:20.

Waypoints: Cockhead, North Lodge, The Cage, Lyme Hall, Knight's Low, Bow Stones, Cock Knoll, Bollinhurst Bridge, Green Lane.

Return Services: 15:27, 16:02, 16:26, 17:02, 17:27, 18:01, 18:27, 19:26, 20:46, 21:48, 22:26, 23:24.

Extra: No toilets at Walk Start; please use toilets on the train. Toilets en route at Lyme Hall. Very boggy in parts – gaiters advised in wet weather. Map EX OL1. We usually visit a pub close to the station at the end of the walk, and everybody is very welcome to come along. You may want to make a note of the return train times as people return home at different times.


Saturday 23rd: Bamford - Edale linear

Train-based walk 9.5 miles 850 metres ascent - Leader: Ryan

Description: A linear walk from Bamford to Edale taking in the less-visited eastern edges of the Kinder plateau. From Bamford, we begin gently on the Derwent Valley Heritage Way before climbing steeply up Parkin Clough to reach the summit of Win Hill and enjoy the 360-degree views including the Hope Valley, Castleton Ridge, the Vale of Edale, Kinder Scout, Lady Bower Reservoir and Stanage Edge. From there we descend and follow the old Roman road to Hope Cross then strike out westward and gain height as we climb Crookstone Moor at the eastern end of the Kinder plateau. From there, we walk along the Kinder edges to reach the highest point of the walk at the Druid Stones and continue to Ringing Roger before descending via The Nab to Edale.

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 09:49

Suggested Ticket: Off Peak Return to Bamford £11.90.

Walk Start: Bamford station at 10:50.

Waypoints: Parkin Clough, Win Hill, Hope Brink, Roman Road, Hope Cross, Crookstone Moor, Ringing Roger, The Nab.

Return Services: From Edale: x:36 until 19:36, 21:34, 22:46.

Extra: This is a challenging walk including two ascents, the first of which is very steep, and not suitable for novices. No toilets at walk start or en route. Drivers are advised to park at Edale and join us on the train at 10:32. We usually visit a pub close to the station at the end of the walk, and everybody is very welcome to come along. You may want to make a note of the return train times as people return home at different times.




Saturday 1st: The Plague Is Coming! (Hathersage circular)

Train-based walk 12 miles 400 metres ascent - Leader: Martin, joining train at New Mills Central

Description: A challenging but rewarding walk taking in country lanes, moorland tracks, river paths, the historic village of Eyam and the adjoining village of Foolow. There are lots of ascents and descents, some very steep, so this walk may not be suitable for novice walkers. The walk date is close to the anniversary of the Great Plague's arrival in Eyam in 1665, and under the direction of the local vicar, the village's residents kept themselves within the village to prevent the plague spreading through the area. We visit several sites connected with the plague here. To mark the occasion, the wells will be decorated in Eyam and Foolow, and Eyam Carnival also takes place on this day.

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 08:49.

Suggested Ticket: Day Return to Hathersage £11.90.

Walk Start: Hathersage station at 09:50.

Waypoints: Eyam Moor, Mompesson's Well, Eyam, Linen Dale, Foolow, Bretton Brook, Abney Moor, Offerton Moor, River Derwent.

Return Services: x:32 until 20:32, 21:31, 22:42.

Extra: No toilets at Walk Start; toilets on outskirts of Eyam after 4.25 miles. Possible pub stop at Foolow after 6 miles. Dogs only from responsible dog owners known to the group please, as there are fields of sheep and cows. Map EX OL24.




Sunday 7th: Llangollen & Chirk Coach Walk (Joint Walk with Manchester Coach Rambles)

Coach-based walk mileage & ascent - see individual walk descriptions - Leaders: 4 marvellous MW Walkers

Description: We're doing another joint walk with the Coach Rambles on one of their regular twice-monthly walks, again all the walk leaders are going to be Weekend Walkers.


Saturday 13th: The Long Mynd (Church Stretton circular)

Train-based walk 11 miles 750 metres ascent - Leader: Martin

Description: A challenging upland walk taking in Pole Bank, the highest point on the Long Mynd plateau to the west of the town.

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 08:30

Suggested Ticket: Church Stretton return £36.60 (valid whether you are returning the same day, or the following day).

Walk Start: Church Stretton railway station at 10:15 (this is approx. 20 mins after the arrival of the train, to allow the walk leader to visit his accommodation and leave overnight luggage.)

Waypoints: Ragleth Hill, Oakwood Farm, A49, Minton Hill, Pole Bank, Shropshire Way, Jack Mytton Way, Carding Mill Valley.

Return Services: 16:39 (direct), 17:08(change at Shrewsbury), 18:39 (direct), 19:05 (change at Shrewsbury), 20:37 (direct), 22:03 (direct).

Extra: This walk is part of the Church Stretton weekend - see also the Weekends page. This walk is primarily designed for those attending the weekend as a whole, so the start time is a little earlier than usual. No toilets at walk start or on the route, except at Carding Mill Valley near the end. Map: OS Explorer 217.




Saturday 8th: Santa Walk 2018

Train-based walk 5 miles 250 metres ascent - Leader: Gavin

You must be booked on to the meal to attend this walk, and the location will be communicated separately to attendees on booking.

Description: Our annual fun walk followed by a Christmas meal requires a bit more working for your supper than some years as, after the mid-walk pub stop, we've got a hill to surmount, but the views are unsurpassed.
Christmas hats or fancy dress recommended. Places are limited to 25 and you will need to be booked on to the meal in order to attend. We're eating mid-afternoon so you might want to bring some snacks and water.
Booking will open later in the year.





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